Inktober / @spoopyartchallenge : day 6. Theme: Costume.

I’ll give a big thanks to @thecrimsonvalley for this one, who came up with the idea of bikini armour “costume” on my Skyrim Nord OC: Jörgen.
As you can see, he rocks chainmail bikini armour! A costume fitting Halloween as much as it fits video games!

Besides, can you feel the empowerment?

(I obviously thought of @bikiniarmorbattledamage & @eschergirls when I drew this. If you enjoy ridiculous armours and poses, I highly recommend these blogs!)

I guess there’s really only one thing to say.

For those interested: We have found a couple of particularly empowering Skyrim mods for gentlemen before – as well as this one for ladies that we cannot recommend enough.

– wincenworks

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