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Here’s Evie Frye from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, and I love her outfit! It’s badass and pretty, wile also blending in (as much as an assassin’s outfit can), and for some comparison, here’s a picture of her and her twin brother Jacob, because, wile the outfits are different, they are still similar enough to compare:


Also, for those who want to see her in action, click here to see Evie in action.

I really, really hope that Ubisoft has learned their lesson from Unity and that they’ve taken the time to make this a great game (and hence won’t let marketing blame the female protagonist if it doesn’t meet sales targets).

Let’s hope that she gets a much better chance at success than Ubisoft gave to Aveline de Grandpré. (And no, they will never be forgiven for that, or the other incident)

– wincenworks

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