Tidy-up Tuesday #6

It’s been a particularly eventful week of updates for us, so no wonder some queries we receive should be addressed.

Please do not comment under BABD posts without adhering to our commenting guidelines.

For those who say we’re being “too negative” in our criticism: look it up in our FAQ.

A reminder our focus is on commercial media, as such we do not feature/call-out personal artworks as examples of the tropes we criticize.  We are certainly interested in personal artworks that critique the issue of bikini armor or provide information about armor and/or design.

Thank you to kuronanestimare for directing us to the segment of Angry Joe’s review where he talks about Quiet. This is the review where he gives the game “the highest possible 9/10 and easily Badass Seal of Approval”. Proving once again, that you can love The Return of the Jedi but hate Ewoks.

Some issues we’ve address previously but received queries recently:

~Ozzie & – wincenworks

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