(from Feudalism II online Flash game)

Female characters displayed, from left to right:

  • Selena, Princess of the Great Trade Republic (next to the Lord)
  • Elizabeth, Priest of Order of Holy Cross (next to the Bishop)
  • Olga, the major Druid of Forest Lands (next to the Chieftan)
  • Niora, Mistress of the East Empire (next to the Shogun)
  • Inga, Major Shaman of the Black Horde (next to the Khan)
  • Diana, Secret Assassin of the South Desert (next to the Ruler)

So apparently in this bizarre world populated exclusively with different types of white people and where you are either trying to conquer the world for yourself or your male counterpart.

To top it all off, the gameplay is a budget/flash version of Mount & Blade: Warband – a game with excellent gender representation.

– wincenworks

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