asran-white submitted:

I only know about this game because I’ve seen its commercial a dozen times over, so I can’t say anything about the characters actually used in the gameplay. This is just the picture used to promote the game: The representative for the humans, an armoured man, and the representative for the elves, a woman in a swimsuit. 

I really don’t get why they chose to depict her this way, considering that on the website’s race section, the female elf is depicted as feminine but not overly sexualized. 

For reference, this is what actual screenshots of the game look like:


Now, I know what you’re thinking… surely this is just yet another crappy browser game that uses images of sexualized women to promote it’s generic gameplay.  But no.  This one is special.

It’s very proud there’s a GuildFellowship just for women who want to help other women play the game


Maybe a good first step would have been to not make it look like make the female character an unholy mix of Smurfette and Bayonetta.  Because generally speaking, if the women playing your game feel the need to it reflects “a man’s world” and “It is time that women stick together.” you have some issues that can’t be fixed by posting a screencap on Facebook.

– wincenworks