As an unholy mix of League of Angels marketing and ripping of World of Warcraft, Magerealm inadvertently creates a great example of so much that is wrong with the video game’s industry.

And when I say ripping off World of Warcraft I mean it, someone took the time to apparently work out how to avoid a lawsuit while adding a Panda Monk character class but never bothered to consider a female character that isn’t dressed in some fantasy war parody of lingerie.

– wincenworks

What I find the most amazing about the first image is that, even despite their genericness, the male characters are at least easily distinguishable from each other.

Female characters, though?


They didn’t try to make the bikini armors diverse in any significant way, let alone the characters who wear them. Even the poses are identical!
Are we entirely sure those aren’t just slight recolors of the same exact image?


(ht: nosetothewind94)

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