Thea submitted:

I see these ads popping up every couple of months – different game, same offensive warnings and “armour”.

Oh wow, they’re recycling Wartune ads for other games now. xD 

For those not familiar with the publisher of Wartune and the way they advertise their games, claimed to be rated 18+ by the ESRB, and use ads with stolen art, check out the Wartune tag.

The MEN ONLY tagline always interests me about what salaciousness these games must hold that us women must be kept away from.


The only sadder thing than seeing a really piss-poor costume design is seeing the same design stolen for someone else’s (false) advertising.

Back to the image, though, what the hell is that boob-thong for? Did the artist really think a chainmail G-string in the cleavage would make a bikini armor better (more supportive, maybe?), instead of, you know, chafing like hell?


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