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I got this in an e-mail that I have zero recollection to even subscribing to. Needless to say, I made sure to click ‘unsubscribe’ after seeing this image.

Now this is some really good example of what the “Random patches of skin uncovered” square on my bingo means. Also I can’t help but notice the completely gratuitous g-string straps… which go almost all the way up to her waist. Okay, what’s up with the “sexy lady” artists and their bizarre belief that this is a proper way of wearing thong? And that every thong-wearing lady wants their underwear choice to be clear and apparent to everyone?

So I did a bit of searching and this image is what Everquest Next advertises itself with. For the record, Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) is its developer.


And here we can see her in her full glory, alongside other characters. Sadly, her outfit makes the most sense among the ladies shown on the wallpaper.

Oh yes, Daybreak, generic elf lady that cut holes in her shirt to show off her g-string totally tells me everything I want to know about your game! Obviously epic adventures await me, because g-string holes!


Particularly telling that Daybreak Games chose to use this to promote themselves given that they have quite the variety to pick from:


– wincenworks

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