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And in the “good until the botton half loads” category…
This seems to be another of those games that takes place in a universe where women can’t wear pants. The only one who gets them is Glory, whose design actually doesn’t suck, but no one else is allowed any legwear.

This outfit really seems to be a “let’s remind them she’s a woman” design – and therefore the presumed straight male audience will want to have sex with her. Of course to pretend they’re dong this they have to oversell the whole “she’s strong so she doesn’t want to act like a girl” angle.

As for Glory… well her backstory made me throw up a little in my mouth – but her outfit looks pretty good:


Looks pretty good… wait a minute:


Does anyone actually think it really necessary to add these random touches to remind us the character is a woman?  I’m pretty sure we can remember it without them.

– wincenworks

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