crucia-airlines submitted:

???? /? ? / ??? ?? ?? ????? frog???? from Knight Carnival!

So, this submission is actually horrifying for different reasons than usual.  While it is certainly terrifying to have frog armor with boobs… from best I can tell Knight Carnival is a product for personal gratification of a sexual nature.  Rarely do the listings about this “visual novel” say this outright, but the publisher’s official site and the tags on listings make it pretty clear.


The horrifying thing is that aside since that this armor is actually way more practical, creative and protective than what we tend to see in mainstream releases like The Witcher 2 – which want to have the “it’s fantasy so it’s okay” but also be aggressively boring in the name of “grittiness”.


Sadly this is really not an isolated event and if this keeps up pretty soon I’m going to have to start searching for porn to find good armor ideas.

– wincenworks

(Edit for clarification: The Frog armor is purely decorative armor over a regular person, not armor over some sort of frog woman)

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