Antiproton submitted:

Piloting a mech… without clothes.

The more I look at this image the worse it is. First of all, what is going on with her breasts? I can not make heads or tails of her chest area, but even if that was only me… Who in their right mind would make a cockpit like that? Not to mention who would climb into a mech ALMOST NAKED? Those metal bits are literally grinding against her skin. Even her posture seems to be uncomfortable!

This looks so uncomfortable & painful in general, and then I noticed there’s a cylinder pointed at her crotch too.  This entire picture is one giant WHY.

Next, the sequel: Galaxy Labor Saga: The Quest To Unionize Against Unsafe And Unhygienic Working Conditions

This is legit one of the scariest things I ever saw on EscherGirls (and that’s saying something). Thanks (?) to​ aninkyaffair for reminding us of this monstrosity…

If anyone knows how this can be viewed as a genuine power fantasy related to piloting an awesome mecha… I beg you, do not tell me.
A lot of words (including, but not limited to: “bondage”, “torture” and “deliberate phallic imagery”) come to mind while looking at this thing, and not a single one can possibly justify this design without being outright sleazy.


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