“Looks nothing like male version” and “High heels” as question marks, because I can’t tell if this guy, who bears the same weapon, is supposed to be male equivalent of this lady and because her shoes design seems rather like what eschergirls calls the Agony of the Feet than actual high-heeled shoes.

Also special you-win-nothing points to how much focus the artist put to make sure we see that she wears a thong.

Heroes of Newerth is probably going to join our ever-expanding unofficial bingo supply list of Games With Aggressively Generic Female Character Designs, along with titles like Tera Online, World of WarcraftSpirit Stones, League of LegendsKnight’s FableSoul Calibur, DivinityEverquest, Guild Wars 2Leap of Faith, SMITELineage 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Sacred or Legend of the Cryptids… 

Wow, that list is depressingly long. Let’s take a moment of silence over the creativity of fantasy women design.



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