I’m not sure I which I find more horrifying…

That the Reversal of Fortune seems to have nothing to do with anything in the title or the fluff text – it’s just a generic sexy lady in ridiculous armor because… they can?

Or that somehow both the artist and the art director concluded that the image of the Order of the White Shield is consistent with the idea of noble knighthood.

– wincenworks

edit: YES, Order of the White Shield card is fan-made. We know already. I crossed that part out. Stop making more comments!

We would appreciate if you guys checked if someone else didn’t point it out already before leaving another “actually it’s not an official card!” comment.
At this point, after around a dozen of notes and comments sent us the same message, you are NOT helping.


Also to clarify, for those writing in to tell us the original art is “good”, I beg to differ… the horse who dominates the original image is certainly a fine horse, however the knight herself has a extra perky boobsock breastplate:

I’m also impressed that the artist bothered to add abdominal muscles to the breastplate.

– wincenworks

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