Now I should clarify there is some pretty good female armor in Dragon’s Dogma… but I even just creating the character and playing the intro area I get the feeling that this game is “that guy”.

Not only is the intro very questionable, with bikini armor in the “body selection” section and odd outfitting above – but the game also includes several “female only” armors.  These have stats, but mostly are just for making female characters look sexy.


This is most prevalent through the game’s Pawn system.  The in game explanation is complicated and convoluted, but essentially part of the mechanic is that you make and customize your perfectly obedient minion and other players can borrow them (this gives some benefits to you as well).

Now I don’t think that I need to explain the possible hazards of giving brogamers a fully customisable character – on top of that the game has a “quirk” where borrowed female Pawns usually show up wearing the Silk Lingerie above.

There is some over exposure of men in this game too, but it’s nowhere near as prevalent and the only “male only armor” came in a DLC and it’s… well I doubt many people will argue that it’s sexy:


This is really a shame because the game also includes some actually amazingly awesome armor in it.  However it seems that at some point development was almost completely taken over by Creepy Marketing Guy and now we have this.

Which is doubly baffling since when you enter your character name, you have to choose a “Moniker” for people playing with parental controls on.  Because profanity is going to be the problem…

– wincenworks

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