If you think that eligibility for bingo is the worst part of this character design, you’re in for a ride!

As I said last month, humanoid female digimon have a worrying tendency to be designed with fanservice in mind… And nowhere it gets more sleazy than with Zephyrmon (Shutumon in Japanese), because, as other main characters in Digimon Frontier series, she’s a human Hybrid Digimon, which means that a child transforms into the monster to fight other monsters.
Yup, you may proceed being creeped out, that’s a little girl in there. Obviously her male teammates don’t turn into sexy hunk mons.

As shattered-earth puts it:


shattered-earth replied to your post: Are under-clad angel ladies in vision-…

Zephyrmon pisses me off because it’s literally an underaged girl as a lingerie harpy

Couldn’t word it better. Bolding mine.


PS: I’d add something about her previous form, Kazemon/Fairimon, but in comparison to bullet-boobplate-sexy-bird-lady here, lingerie-robot-fairy somehow looks marginally less sexualized. Marginally.

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