Are under-clad angel ladies in vision-impairing helmets a thing?

So there’s a depressingly accurate remark that Digimon are like Pokemon, if Pokemon were designed by Rob Liefeld  (though I would argue the ribbons here have some Todd McFarlane flare to them).

In case of costume design, Angewomon was the first female humanoid monster to prove it. And definitely not the last one (we’ll probably get back to Zephyrmon/Shutumon eventually).

Her over-the top design gets even more hilarious if we consider Angewomon’s “family” among digital monsters. Here’s a selection of them*:

Funniest thing about Digimon as a franchise: unlike other “mon” genre animes, this one focused on humans fighting for survival/saving the world alongside their monster companions.
A more serious approach than just using the creatures to win gladiatorial combat tournaments and “be the very best”, yet… the silly designs clashed spectacularly with this more realistic approach.


* Just bear with me oversimplifying some relations, digivolution is needlessly complex and confusing.

edit: Fixed the Rob Liefeld link.

edit 2: found out a link to the remark!

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