>Okay though I seriously never expected a Nintendo Mii game to have sexist armor. I know it’s just a fashion game, but that almost makes it worse.
(The faded ones on the left of the bold outfit pieces are the male armor pieces.)

What I find truly amazing is the helmet/tiara.  Everything else looks like they tried to make the variants as cheap as possible – but apparently when it came to the helmet they really decided to go all out and make sure there was no way you could possibly mistake the gender of the Mii.

Or maybe they thought if a guy has to go without pants then he needs a Helmet +5 to Masculinity, +5 to Hiding His Face.

– wincenworks

Today’s throwback: a tiny reminder that casual sexism in costume design sneaks even into something as innocuous as Nintendo Mii skins. 

The lack of protection for female heads while guys go out in full helmets remains a staple of Female Armor Bingo. Even if certain crowd insist on arguing that it’s never a gendered thing (sometimes it isn’t, but then ladies with helmets somehow show tendency to take them off to flaunt their impossibly perfect hair, while guys seemingly wear them 24/7). 


[image source]

At least this Mii case is pretty clear-cut. ♀️ Pretty tiara with wings = ♂️ Roman helmet ? 

And while we would never disqualify a positive example of armored lady just for not displaying a helmet, showing that she has one is always appreciated!