The Last of Us Part 2 is a neverending nightmare of discourse, and the outrage hasn’t stopped. By far the most absurdly controversial aspect remains Abby, a character whose existence has been offered up for debate by weirdos. 

Abby’s swole build has been called into question by a bunch of boys desperate to erase anybody who doesn’t fit into their tiny idea of what “real” women should look like. To do this, they’ve gone to amazing lengths to argue why Abby shouldn’t be muscular. 

It’s an absolute roller coaster of nonsense, let me tell you. 

Choice quotes from the vid: 

You see, the same group of status quo warriors who have spent YEARS in this so-called culture war defending unrealistic body types is suddenly an arbiter of what is and isn’t believable character design. 


Any reasonable person would be able to say “shut up, it’s a videogame, the reasonably-muscular arms are among the more believable suspensions of disbelief in a mushroom zombie videogame”, and that’s even if you think it’s unrealistic in the first place. But that doesn’t do enough to counteract the sheer hypocritical stupidity of a group of literal wankers who only ever shout realism when it’s convenient, when they’re trying to get an unconventional videogame protagonist erased, or falsely claiming that black people weren’t around in the olden days, which is why games set in medieval Europe should only have white characters.

Manchildren targeting Abby’s muscular body as “unrealistic for a woman” is something we wrote about a month ago. Now Jim is also touching specifically upon the pretend outrage over female biceps being unfuckable to fragile cishet white boy Gamers™… and how somehow, according to them, everyone should care?
Their “arguments”, as always, are even more nakedly ridiculous when read out loud by Duke du H’arcore


See also: Renegade Cut’s The Outrage is About Control, Not Breasts – comprehensive analysis of why Status Quo Warriors  manufacture controversies around fictional women’s bodies that don’t 100% cater to their liking. 

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