I couldn’t wait till Jim Duke du H’ardcore took on some explicitly sexist comments from the “real” gamers. Worth watching just for the way he enunciates “females”, the fave noun of everyone who’s too hardcore to refer to fellow humans as “women”.

Obviously, feeemales and filthy casuals are the reason gaming is ruined and no longer a “safe space” where a real manbaby can enjoy a skill-based challenge (which it definitely always was, yeah, totally). Everything in video games is now just “too easy” and or “politically correct”, to placate the vocal minority who just doesn’t want to git gud and/or be male. 


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It’s not like Dark Souls, the infamously hard non-casual game, is a staple among our positive examples of gender equal armor. 

But yeah, it’s totally the pandering to emotionally stunted cishet dudes what makes a game “hardcore”, not the difficult, carefully designed gameplay.



After discussing the disturbing attitude towards female protagonists in video game industry Jimquisition once again tackles the topic of gender in games by commenting on controversy around Dragon’s Crown female character designs.

Sorry to post again about not-exactly-warrior-outfits, but it’s a very relevant case concerning strictly related areas (character design, women in popular culture).

Bringing the case of Dragon’s Crown’s female character design problems as a reminder that just because lady hero’s “sexyness” is exaggerated deliberately doesn’t automatically make it okay. Especially not when she’s not that different looking from any other generic sexy warrior we already have too much of in media.