not the devil’s bride

[ID: Digital illustration of Ireena Kolyana from the D&D 5th edition module Curse of Strahd. Ireena is a young woman with brown skin, long red hair, and angular features, standing in front of a grey background. She wears a silver breastplate, a red scarf around her neck, and another red scarf around her waist. She is mid-battle, her hair flowing around her as she twists to face an unseen opponent. She holds a silver rapier dripping with blood. Two drops of blood fly across her neck, roughly where a vampire’s bite might be. End ID.]

Rare positive example spotted as a highlight on Tumblr Radar! 

I really love the simplistic, yet broken up with lines shape of her realistic breastplate. And the color scheme of the whole piece is nice mix of cool greys contrasting with cooled down dark reds and her skintone.


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