So it appears that advertising giant Unilever has, after two years of research, realized that it is indeed a myth that sex sells and that campaigns depicting women as sex objects for presumed cishet male audiences alienate women.

Of course, they could have saved themselves those two years by looking at literally any marketing research done since 1960s.

Now if only we can convince some of the advertising companies that deal in comics and video games of this reality.

– wincenworks

Throwback time: how a multi-brand conglomerate needs years-long research to confirm something we could have told them any day

And, as a good supplement to the above, watch this decade old Hank Green video about how huge corporations (including Unilever) very shamelessly use contradictory advertising for different products, based on their presumed customer base: 

Just because a marketing giant pinky swears to not do sexism anymore in their ads doesn’t mean they’ll suddenly stop being hypocritical for profit. 


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