Warlock, by Forrest Imel

What’s this? A character design with a very clear motif that doesn’t overuse it to death? (Get it, it’s like a joke… cause this design has bones… and that Deathknight skin for Sonya is skull-themed…. anyway.) And yes, I will never stop making fun of that 75% skulls skin.

Besides the tastefulness in motif and colors, I like how the lady has the same creepy grin as the guy, complete with wrinkles! Though I do wish her forehead also had some lines in it. Because the design works so nicely together, I didn’t even notice the corset at first, and it doesn’t feel out of place. She even has a more threatening silhouette around the shoulders!

I think the fact that this artist did quite a lot of splash art for SMITE illustrates an important point: what an artist does in their free time is not the same as what they do for a living, especially when they don’t own the characters/settings they draw for work. We have a whole SMITE tag you can peruse, but I really like what the artist designs when they have creative control.


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