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The designs used in Windscar’s advertisement are an absolute travesty. Like, I’m pretty sure she needs more than a chiropractor with her back bent like that 

Wow, good find for BABD and for @eschergirls! The closest to this contorted promo pic I found from this game was this: 


And generally WindScar seems to be very satisfied with looking like every other generically boobastic shit in our web ads tag.



What I find amusing about these designs is they are made by an Chinese company – but there’s almost no link to Chinese fashions, clothing, designs, etc.

These are basically Chinese artists looking at how Western artists have tried to imagine these costumes, then trying to make them kind of like the weird western fantasy designs they see in western video games.

Thus creating a cycle of terrible where some guy in a western company is now going to look at these and go try to outdo them….


– wincenworks

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