The Pillars of Eternity games have some great characters, and they’re all designed great too. All the in-game armor looks good and functional on the PC as well, and even though some of the more druid-y leather stuff shows skin, it’s not skin-tight. It hangs on the body like an animal pelt would.

Anyway, this is Pallegina, a paladin that can be recruited to adventure with you. She’s got bird feathers on her face for Reasons. Besides being Great and Pure, I just love her design. This is how she looks in the sequel, Deadfire. She’s got the big, fancy sleeves, the simple-but-functional breastplate with some engraving on it. And of course, we always endorse poofy pants here on BABD. (Poofy pants-For any occasion.)

Here’s how she looks in-game in PoE1. [source]


She’s just a very striking, authoritative character, and her armor design is a big part of that.


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