Magilou and the case of book-skirt

The first stream redesign I did was for the infamous “leatherbound books make a perfect skirt!” costume of Magilou from Tales of Berseria, which we bingoed before
I suppose the creators thought that being a magic user excuses her sense of fashion, but I wouldn’t know how to begin explaining their exact thought process.

Agreeing with Icy that poofy pants are great (and would compliment the shape of Magilou’s hat), I decided to put them in place of the mind-boggling book-skirt. 
Without books, her furry collar became the only splash of brown in her design, so I got rid of it, replacing it with a collar that would make her top wearable. 

While working on that I noticed that the alternating blue-pink rythm of her color scheme was inconsistent in some small details, so I recolored her left shoe and painted light pink diamonds on her right sleeve. Also added a fringe to the pants and an undershirt that, along with new collar, fit the scheme of details being lighter shades of pink and blue, while primary shapes are colored darker.

Her hat was pretty awesome and its color asymmetry not really distracting, so I left it as it was.