I’m not too late for @magicmeatmarch, yet. Actually, I do still have an hour left over here.

Look at this beautiful hunk of a man.

This is actually something he would probably wear, but it’s the thought that counts, right. Also I’ve just been waiting to draw this wonderful orc in skimpy clothing, so double bonus.

Lieutenant Kogar Horncrusher proudly belongs to @neburives

Don’t you think that by preparing for a sexy armor stream we forgot about mandatory Friday beefcake! 

When in doubt about empowered male warriors, there’s always @magicmeatmarch‘s archive (NFSW warning for a lot of artwork featured there!) to dig something out. 

Thanks @redcabbageparty and @neburives for enriching our collection with another sexy orc man! There’s never enough of them, considering how even that huge intimidating race often isn’t free of double standards and suspicious dimorphism. Except in Oglaf, where they’re all sexy for the glory of their nation 😉