Every time I see someone say, “Who cares?” about either my own posts or those of other tumblrs on the subject of female representation in comics, I want to point out to them the over 5000 people who’ve subscribed to lesstitsnass (holy crap over 5000?!), the other thousands and thousands of people who follow eschergirls, all the other blogs that do redlines, The Hawkeye Initiative’s slew of participants, the multitudes of articles and comments on all the online magazines that discuss the subject, and say, “Them. They care. There’s a whole lot of them. So get your head out of your butt and try to see what they see.”

Karine at lesstitsnass (via lesstitsnass)

As we said before, there are so many levels of wrong with the “who cares?” argument against feminist criticism. And one of counter-arguments is, of course, the massive communities that form around such critique. 

Not to mention how people who ask “who cares?” usually care a whole lot, because facing differing opinions intimidates them – it’s just easier to dismiss someone else’s ideas:


As we’re on the subject, we’re definitely adding @lesstitsnass​ to our related sites, even though it’s been inactive for a couple of years.