@desponsa submitted:

Chinese historical television dramas typically get female armour down really well (probably because they realised early on that impractical armour looks the most ridiculous in live action). But I think the armour for Mu Nihuang, the female lead of Nirvana in Fire, is particularly well done. 


If you’re into fantastic costuming, set design and acting, political intrigue, a lot of really great female characters and a plot that will emotionally devastate you, this is the show for you.

.These shows look pretty awesome, I wonder if there’s any way for us to trick a certain demographic into watching them… yes I mean the ones who think “Asia” is the magical land of sexy times and speed lines.

It’s almost like some things are universal and that credibility in design is a major asset when you’re going for a historical and/or dramatic story.


– wincenworks