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This is Maven from Ghost in the Shell: First Assault, an upcoming online shooter based on the Ghost in the Shell anime series, Stand Alone Complex. She was not present in the series and seems to be an original character created specifically for this game. 

While the appearance of the series’ protagonist Major Motoko Kusangi for this game is disappointing (compare to the way the men are dressed here, versus how she looks in the show and her concept design for First Assault which appears to be based on it,) at least she is covered up beside the obligatory hot anime lady cleavage. 

I have absolutely no idea what they were trying to accomplish with Maven’s design, but considering the last original female character they added to Ghost in the Shell was the Japanese Prime Minister who looked the damn part, this is pretty disappointing to say the least. The game is currently in early access so things could change, but it’s doubtful.

So Ghost in the Shell has had an ongoing problem with being a hot mess a lot of the time (even more so with the studios handling of the upcoming movie), but this game really seems be committing to trying to squeeze in as much of the T & A angle into their advertising as they can.  From Steam:


So this being the opening of the top review is no surprise:


Given all that, I can only assume that Maven has been added so they can include a little more T&A without having to think of any unique character design

That and they probably hope it makes Motoko look less glaringly out of place in the line up.


Because you know, if you’re going to go outside the source material that you’re basing the game off and promoting as the core of the game, you want to do it for the right reasons. 

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