io9 sent Diana a love letter this morning !
You Can Only Find the Best Version Of Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics
Sensation Comics ft Wonder Woman is a great mean to discover Diana in other way and a bunch of great artists in the same time. Thanks to Kristy Quinn I was one of them, with Sean E Williams on the writting.

So we talked before how many of Wonder Woman’s depictions aim below the character’s potential and settle on (if not outright encourage) reproducing the “sexy” default. We also talked how refreshing it is whenever artists, especially industry professionals, experiment with different approaches to Diana.

Sensation Comics is a really interesting answer to the demand for more versatile and experimental Wondy books. It’s an anthology series full of unique, alternate takes on Diana, both writing- and art-wise.
Definitely worth checking out, if only to seek out that one incarnation of Wonder Woman who you always dreamed to see, but who couldn’t be featured in the DC canon for whatever reason.


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