He's a very solemn character.He also has a crown 'cuz he's King, and a collar that shames Tuxedo Mask.Oh yeah, and he wears THIS.” />OKay...well, are you really gonna fight in that?THERE WE GO. QUAL-I-TY armor right here.Two worlds collide: Maniacal Golden Strap-armor, versus Suit-n-Tie.


bikiniarmorbattledamage I recently submitted a picture of our villain, David, from Killer Is Dead, here’s a bit more, a slight “homage?” to him. Figured this might be good for the Male EmpowerMENt Friday~

Killer Is Dead

Developed by Kadokawa Games/Grasshopper Manufacture

Published by Deep Silver

It’s certainly great and powerful – such as shame that this outfit was given the villain instead of the hero.  Don’t get me wrong – I can see it working as an incentive to get to see the villain in person, but why deny the player the rear view eyecandy for the majority of the game?

Oh course, it is possible they were hoping that making the villain look so flamboyantly sexy would be okay due to unfortunate implications, after all his style does look king of familiar.

– wincenworks

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