Zalath by HystericalMellotron

I was watching some funny parodies in the internet the other day, about skimpy female “armors” (chainmail bikini!) in videogames and etc.  and I felt like making fun of this trope too…hence his vulgar, over-the-top costume. Well, maaaaaybe it doesn’t look that stupid, but it was meant to >_>

Bloody Sunset by HystericalMellotron

[Zalath] in the middle of a battle between demon elfs and a tribe of exclusively female orcs. The reason he’s fighting in such a ridiculous pose it’s because this is meant to be a genderbent parody of ads for fantasy games in general.
They tend to show fairly often women in bb pose using arrows and other long-ranged weapons against enemies in close combat LOL

A double feature of a single character’s empowerment 😀

Zalath is truly a rolemodel to numerous other male warriors who don’t know what are appropriate clothes and poses for a man to take into battle!
He could team up with Prince Obiect and his friends in a quest of teaching everyone what a real sexy hero looks like.


more sexy male armor on BABD

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