Since eschergirls​ recently concluded the caption contest on this monstrosity of a cover, I finally remembered to attempt a Female Armor Bingo on Ember’s, uh, outfit. 

And WOW, is that a texbook example of bingo breaker. Simultaneous sideboob, underboob and boob window alone make it spectacularly… creative
I also put a question sign on a few squares mainly by the virtue of the pure WTF-ness. Like… a tiny bit of her stomach gets to be covered, while the sides of her underbelly are as important to show as boobs, apparently.
Speaking of boobs, despite very obvious focus of the design on them, I couldn’t cross out boobplate either.

And yes, she actually wears that very weird type of wedge heels with a hole through them. It’s painful to look up anything regarding Ember, considering how impossible it is to take seriously the art and design of that comic.


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