Plausible armor for an implausible character

owensbill submitted: 

I’d offer this as an example of how armor could look, on a figure that is arguably not anatomically reasonable but nevertheless an icon…

Disclaimer – There is a Kickstarter for Faire Play, but I have no connection with it other than being a fan of Zheng3’s design work and a backer of the project.

robin submitted:

here is some guy making 3d pinted armor for a barbie..

I think it’s a bit skin tight but otherwise it looks nice!

it’s a shame barbie can’t hold a sword.

Now Barbie can teach that mean old dinosaur who keeps knocking over her trash cans a lesson!

Awesome project on Kickstarter that is providing Barbie with armor that would make many super heroines jealous!
It is slightly more exciting for those who have access to a 3D printer (low level backers only receive the digital files to 3D print with themselves), but it’s still a great idea.

I sincerely hope that Barbie’s trend setting grip on the fashion world will lead to more famous fictional women getting badass armor.

– wincenworks

A reminder that if Barbie can have awesome armor then there is no character too feminine to be properly protected and still look awesome.

– wincenworks

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