tearsofashipper submitted:

So, this is Niele, from the Brazilian comic Holy Avenger. She is presented to us as the most powerful mage elf from all the world of Arton. And the most busty. No, seriously, they mention her tits all the time in the story like we could forget with the artist shoving them on our faces all the time.

Also, she wears leather strips, so yeah… ouch.

When you lose too much in strip poker, eventually spines and organs are gambled.

It’s one of those costume designs which I could swear was a parody, but turns out to be just genuinely bad.

Niele supposedly has “a good reason” to dress only in belts… It helps with the flow of her magic. No, really!


So basically


Aaand apparently she’s also a con artist, so more than likely she’s lying about the mystical energy. So… the “irony” totally makes her fanservice-y looks acceptable, because “satire”, after all?


edit: A reader confirmed it: Niele has no good reason for her costume (other than poorly executed fanservice). The talk about belts and steel rings is blatant lies in-story, as the only source of her magic is the artifact she wields. We can safely write her off under the “She CHOSE to dress like that!” category.

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