had to screenshot this – spot the female warriors in the army that’s about to charge into battle… >_> (esp. the left one)

come on Dragon Age Origins, I like you so far, but this female armour double standard is ridiculous. Even more so when put in the middle of a crowd wearing actual functional armours.

Dragon Age: Origins did sadly suffer from the common syndrome where armor magically reshaped itself depending on the gender of the wearer.  While this wasn’t true for all armors, it was highlighted by it also having “women always are mages, healer and/or archers” syndrome in the initial game (DLC did improve things).  These issues led to some odd spins on story telling often makes the party look oddly unbalanced.


Thankfully Bioware seemed to have adopted a new policy of not only avoiding ridiculous boob armorbut ruthlessly mocking it.



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