So, earlier we showcased WayForward’s tendency to go with either franchises or sexy girl games – and a lot of people rushed to claim that it was unfair to critique a character who uses bellydancing as a game mechanic, so let’s look at how they portray a pirate.

It’s also worth mentioning that the developers are not too heavily linked to the genie and bellydancer concept, they treat it more as a toy to play with.


I also feel it’s important to point out (as we’ve mentioned previously) it’s not okay to grab a culture and spin it up for sex.  Bellydancers, especially traditional ones, do not wear fetish, low-rider pseudo-harem pants and a strapless top.  They actually wear elaborate costumes involving layers of skirts, decorations and carefully crafted cholis to ensure there are no wardrobe malfunctions.

We wouldn’t say a game was okay for having a sexy character who ran around wearing slippers, a g-string, tutu and wonderbra because we’re told she’s supposed to be a ballerina.   We shouldn’t rubberstamp this because we understand bellydancing to be a sensual performance.

– wincenworks

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