insomniacapples submitted:

I’ve been playing Toukiden: The Age of Demons for a while since I’ve been on a “hunting” game kick since Monster Hunter isn’t enough. I really enjoy the historical and mythological themes and the armours in Toukiden are quite sensible (well for the most part) for both genders. But when I looked into the DLC for more fashionable armours (cause sometimes I wanna look cool and DLC is good for that) I was a wee bit disappointed with these two (the other two can be viewed here and here which are okay for the most part). Cause those puffy pants tucked in boots exclusive to the guys are my jam. And if I was playing as a guy I would have liked to be in cute heart shaped armour with diamonds to show my foxy side… Oh well.

I look at these outfits and two things baffle me… the first is how the designers seem to have a full blown obsession with showing off the woman’s shoulders, stomach and thighs.

The second is the absurdity that it seems these two somehow got the same hair styles and decided to over compensate by trying to dress as radically different as they could manage while keep with a theme/color scheme.

Adventurers are very silly people – but I’m glad that most of the outfits are relatively equal across genders.

– wincenworks

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