Anon submitted:

isn’t what would normally be featured here (except for the fact that it’s a boob plate)… But how does that work?!
Anime: Oda nobuna no yabou 

I remember seeing this thing featured waaay back on boobsdontworkthatway!

That’s the ultimate textbook example of “wanting to eat a cake and have a cake”. I imagine the design process went something like “Let’s give the heroin a decently covering metal breastplate… and then carve her boobs into it… and maybe let the boobs move freely as if it wasn’t made from metal. Yeah, those are totally not mutually exclusive.”

And apparently it wobbles like that all the time O_o


While some costume/character designs seem to be dedicated to the question “WHY?!”, this one appears to be brought to us by the word “HOW?!”.

I wonder what kind of sound effect accompanies an abnormally elastic metal boobplate… A *clang!*? A *boingboing!*? A *spring sprong!*? A *wobble wobble*?


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