“Hey I wonder what’s happening on the Bioware forums!”






Can’t believe I happened to have such perfect reaction pic to this.

Also: hey, just another evidence that people who refer to women as “females” are misogynist douchebags who lost contact with reality and their opinions should be ignored.
Long-time BABD followers would remember that I am definitely not okay with using “female” as a noun in reference to a person.


Oh noes! A world with lots of capable and important women with all kinds of personalities, and their outfits express those personalities and even the male gazey outfit was toned down!

coles-silly-hat:    sketchys:    Best quote from Dragon Age: Inquisition.    *whips tears* that’s so deep and wise      It’s why she was my choice for the top job.

How could Andraste allow such a thing?

– wincenworks

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