Hey… books of fantasy hero and heroine portraits… what a cool idea, I bet lots of gamers have wanted an image.  If it’s a whole book full they must cater to all kinds of… oh… no just one kind of gamer.  One very specific kind.

What’s even more horrifying is this same publisher has a the “Slayer’s Guide to Female Gamers”… which boasts

Crammed full of fascinating, nay essential, information about those mysterious creatures who sometimes show up at your gaming group but who look strangely different to everybody else. Marvel as we introduce you to the Historical Role of Female Gamers; gape at the Female Gamer Physiology; prepare to be taken aback by their physical attributes and then look in awe upon the likes of Zeenar, Warrior D*ke, the Ladette and the Velvet Goldmine. The Slayer’s Guide to female gamers is an irreverent 36-page PDF, full of tasteless jokes, gratuitous artwork and unfeasible feats. Go on, you know you want it.

(Slur not censored on the original text)

I’m guessing that the authors of this book don’t know any female gamers and will probably never be on first name basis with any.

– wincenworks

Okay, Slayer’s Guide to Female Gamers officially beat Macho Women with Guns as a hilariously bad attempt at “ironic” misogyny. What an amazing accomplishment… for which no-one wins anything.
The willful lack of self-awareness that goes into authoring such things is why we can’t have nice things.


edit: Fixed the link under “ironic” misogyny bit.

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