I’m not going to even try to pretend that Warmachine has a perfect or even above average record with female armor – but the licensed game Warmachine Tactics keeps making it worse and adding unforgiveable sins.  The founder of Privateer Press, Matt Wilson, seems to be a big fan of ridiculous female armor.

But the video game shows how just a few changes to the armor and the presentation of the character can change them from “unremarkable” to “remarkably bad”.  For those who don’t play the tabletop game, this how the official minatures of Kommander Sorcha look:


Literally nobody buys these minis or gets into Warmachine for Sorcha’s sex appeal.  But Warmachine Tactics has apparently decided the key to their commercial success will be selling up how sexy Sorcha is:

  • Apparently the curve of her buttocks is an important part of the concept, even though until now it’s been concealed under her heavy winter skirt/coat (which is sometimes armored).
  • The male commanders get to keep their standard outfits and get dynamic poses. Sorcha stands showing off how her boobplate suddenly got really shiny.
  • The shrunk the actual stars of the show, the steam powered killing machines, because putting Sorcha’s curves in the shot was more important than promoting the game.

I need to stress, this is not just Sorcha. But Sorcha is the current promotion character and the only female character who is recognized as more than a hot babe on the website.

This is how it starts – the slippery slide down to Diminished Female Characters and Ridiculous Female Armor Hell.

– wincenworks

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