I have never submitted anything here, but… Sometimes I like to look for crappy girl armor and try and edit it, just for funsies, and I came across this cover for Avengelyne. It wasn’t until I opened the pic to full view did I see the true horror outside really bad armor: that poor women’s hips/waists, and I figured we’d see at least some areola or something with her breasts, but…

Holy boob window, Avengelyne.

Literally. xD

That giant crucifix always seems unattached and just glued to her breasts.  At least here it MIGHT be attached to her collar? But it still seems like a bad thing to have during a fight.  Also, she needs to find some body paint that doesn’t eat her nipples.

(Cover of Avengelyne #1, Image Comics, artist: Rob Liefeld)

HOW does her cleavage maintain those perfect 90 degree angles… the corners of which somehow replaced her nipples? O_o

There are so many “hows” and “whys” regarding this costume that I don’t have the brainpower to question how it’s supposed to be appropriate for fighting in


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