It’s no secret that I like Lady Knights like, a lot. I put together a little randomizer as a sort of exercise. Then I thought, why not share it?

So here’s the thing. Five categories of traits. Pick three and run with it! Bonus challenge: do all five categories. And of course you’re free to add to the categories if what you want isn’t in there. Have fun with it! Don’t forget to tag #Lady Knights so I can see the cool stuff you come up with!

Here’s my starter to kick things off: Fists, Top Heavy, Nervous, Indian, Shark/Piscine.

A very awesome character idea generator that encourages really creative thinking.   Interesting challenges with a lot of room for interpretation and exploring ideas.

– wincenworks

Use the power of this generator responsibly, folks, and create tons of awesome lady knights in awesome lady armor!


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