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Censorship is the suppression of an idea or image by an entity more powerful than its target. No entity more powerful than Square-Enix is forcing the design of Final Fantasy VII character Tifa. The outrage about her current design is a reactionary movement against an unequal status quo. Support Renegade Cut Media through Patreon:

content warning: The video not only discusses the issue of gender and racial discrimination, as well as sexual assault, but also includes clips of real police brutality. Viewer discretion is advised.

A very comprehensive video explaining what we touched upon regarding the “pro-sexyness”/”anti-censorshiprhetoric multiple times before, especially here.

It’s never really about “the SJWs banning boobs” or something to that effect – it’s about upholding the status quo, so that cishet white dudes (and their presumed preferences) get catered to almost exclusively.

That’s how we get all the crybabies whining over “removed” butts, deriding the very presence of female portsgnidts women in gaming or doing “un-tumblrized” edits of pretty inoffensive character designs. Ultimately it’s all reactionary trolling, done specifically to assert the dudebro dominance.

Of course there must be some dudes stupid enough to actually think that sexyness, cishetness or whiteness (or “ethics in game journalism”) is being taken away from them in pop media, but ultimately it comes down to the tangible loss of control and visibility.
That’s why they feel legitimately threatened by something as simple as a woman who’s even slightly not a sex object in a video game.


edit: Readers notified us that the video could use some content warning for police brutality footage. 

This week’s throwback, since manufactured outrage over female characters’ boobs allegedly getting shrunk in redesign never went out of fashion, time to bring back Leon’s handy explanation on why exactly it is manufactured.