Magic Meat March 2020 is here!

Magic Meat March is a month long event of men in sexy armor! Started in 2017 and based off of the original Magic Meat Week idea by amanda-sharpe, Magic Meat March will be the same awesome event filled with art of men in skimpy outfits to show that they can fight evil while showing lots of skin! This occasion is meant to be a fun way for people to share their drawings, writings, or even some cosplays/original outfits about guys in impractical fantasy attire. Whether you wish to depict a message about the inequality seen in the apparel of video games and other entertainment media or you simply want to draw dudes in something seemingly suitable only for the beach, all are welcome!

Here are a few guidelines!

•Be sure to tag your posts as #MagicMeatMarch or submit them to the blog!
•The Prompt List is now on carrd:
It is not required for this event! It is simply meant to help inspire people to create something! You can choose any themes you’d like to do at any time.
•Creative freedom is highly encouraged, but please be mindful of how some traditionally feminine poses and outfits may appear to others. In other words, please be cautious about creating works solely made to ridicule in a malicious manner.
•Nudity and sexual themes are fine, but please avoid outright pornographic depictions solely for the sake of being pornographic. Some exceptions apply, but please be thoughtful in how your art is presented.
•Be sure to join the Male Ecchi DeviantArt group to submit your Magic Meat March related content and follow the new Twitter account!

Spread the word and have fun!

March is not only Women’s History Month and BABD’s anniversary (we just turned 7, and the bingo is 6), it’s also the most meatiful time of the year, in which we celebrate sexy male armor and all kinds of fantasy masculine beauty.

Quick reminder that while @magicmeatmarch is an entirely independent project from @bikiniarmorbattledamage, we always endorse the idea and feature some entries from it in our sexy male tag, especially in Friday posts during March. Our reblogs can be found tagged here, which now also includes entries from Magic Meat Week days.
We welcome being @-tagged under any post that matches our usual female gaze aesthetic, especially skimpy costumes that are supposed to be armor. 

Glad that OP addressed it as well, but let’s reiterate: please be mindful when designing masculine characters with feminine-coded poses/dress style/gender expression. Do not frame them in mocking/malicious manner. People of all genders and sexualities should feel welcome in celebrating masculine pinups. 


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