My contribution to @magicmeatmarch this year! It’s a set of armor fit for a light and swift fighter. It protects the important parts while avoiding restrictions on mobility.

I’d been wanting to make a larger breatplate-type item for a while, this felt like a good excuse. I went with the overlapping plates motif that I’ve used in a number of other projects. It’s secured in place with Too Many Buckles along the sides. When it’s all tightened up it has a bit of a corset nature, straightening up your posture. Made it a bit tricky to do the over-the-top twisting-to-show-off-tits-and-butt poses. But I persevered.

The codpiece, bracers and cuisses were older designs, but it’s always good to fit them into matching outfits.

Closing the (so far) trilogy of​ Magic Meat March sexy armors we reblogged from armoreddragon: this very practical and light plate thing! 

It reminds me a tiny bit of this atrocity from Queen’s Blade, except tailored with actually appropriate amount of supportive belts. 


And I can’t imagine that if @armoreddragon’s model happened to be female that she would have to worry about her breasts flopping out, like that poor anime character. 

I dunno about you guys, but no matter the gender, I have far less trouble being turned on by a skimpy armor-clad character if what they’re wearing is actually physically possible on a real human. 



Here’s my empowering warrior armor for Magic Meat March! Got it done just in time! I made the whole get-up out of leather, save for the shoes and the prop dagger. I just went to town this week with the strap cutter and the rivets. 

It’s got a jointed spaulder for the shoulder, held in place by an asymmetric harness, zig-zagging down to a supple pouch to hold the necessaries comfortably in place. Onto this attaches a cuisse to guard the thigh. 

Then there’s some accessory pieces: A thigh piece made of three panels laced together; an arm band with shearling trim for warmth; and a corset-like bracer to protect the wrist and forearm. Oh, and there’s that mass of straps for the left arm. I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to be for.

If I’d had a bit more time I was planning on adding more fur trim to the other pieces, but since it’s spring time now I don’t think that’s necessary. Wouldn’t want to overheat, after all. That extra padding would just get in the way during a battle anyway.

More photos here 

Now that is some fine craftsmanship and pure real-life male empowerment

Not only that, the design is so on-point! Love how the straps zig-zag across the model’s torso, with pauldron and codpiece/thong as the pivotal leverage points. 

Thank you, @armoreddragon, for joining the ranks of confident men ready to show us what real armor equality looks like!