Leather outfit I made for Magic Meat Week back in November, and I did post it then, but didn’t get nicer photos until more recently. So it’s going up for @magicmeatmarch! I was trying to go for a dark rogue/thief sort of aesthetic, but I think it needs some sort of asymmetric holster/strap arrangement to really sell the look. Something to stick a dagger, or a bunch of smoke bombs, or what have you.

I’m pretty busy this month with a pile of commissions, but I’ve got a few days of waiting at the moment to get more materials in, so maybe I’ll be able to work on that now. I’m a bit low on ideas too, though, so if anyone has an idea for how the straps should go to maximize the beefcakiness of this getup, feel free to scribble your thoughts on one of these photos and shoot it back to me!

Remember when we reblogged @armoreddragon‘s sexy belt male armor photos last year? Apparently this 10+ stealth design precedes it by a year. 

Quality outfit for an antihero working from the shadows!


see also: this Thieve’s Guild Armor mod for Skyrim, done in the same aesthetic!

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