DC Supersexy Boys Part 2 – J’onn J’onzz

Even though J’onn the Martian is shirtless in Injustice (and other media), I still wanted to redraw him. I’ll admit that he was a childhood crush of mine, back when the animated Justice League was on TV. I was disappointed to see this version of him, which was clearly not designed to appeal to people who liked his soft-spoken nature. So I decided to fix this missed opportunity.

A lot of the changes were textural: I made his skin smoother in a lot of places (decided to go hairless for this one, since he’s a Martian and all), and I actually made his muscles less pronounced. J’onn is a lithe, agile man, after all.

Beyond that, the significant changes were his pants area, and his face. (And of course, the cleavage window that I decided to add last-minute.)

I took away his stifling pants (where are his booty shorts??) and gave him a semi-transparent loincloth, as I’m wont to do. I figured, for this More Mature J’onn, maybe he wants to know what it’s like to have hanging bits? That’s what being more “mature” and “realistic” means, right?

As for his face, I wanted to recapture that animated Justice League look. I got rid of his cartoony Scowl of Doom, and instead gave him smooth, pleasant features. I decided to give him a cute blush at the last minute, too. Even Martians blush.

I do hope that other J’onn fans enjoy this redesign as much as I enjoyed working on it.


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