Yet another reason not to try to pander to the demographic who will always find an excuse for sexism, if you give them what they want they’ll decide that they don’t want it anyway.

– wincenworks

Do you think this dude is besties with the “Females Everywhere?!” Bioware forum complaint guy?


Apparently having any women in your media is “feminization,” but a cast of nothing but dudes is just how the world is. In a universe where there are dragons. Or aliens. Or just real life.

Sounds totally logical and unbiased.


Given the recent rage over the Star Wars: The Last Jedi (spoiler: Women get to do cool stuff) and the constant insistence that objectification of women is all just good fun, it’s always good to remember that the same demographic that gets upset if women in a galaxy with laser swords are competent or dragons are shown battling dragons.

– wincenworks